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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  June 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." the hunt in overdrive. one escaped killer still on the run. officers on high alert in the air and on the ground. inside the final hours of the prisoner finally taken down. >> i have never been so scared in all my life. couples racing to the altar to say "i do." that historic ruling lifting the ban on same sex marriage. tonight, the states still saying "not here." and not here, either. a climber pulling the confederate flag down at the south carolina state capitol. the raging debate tonight, as more victims of that church massacre are laid to rest. and, the warning for anyone about to fire up the barbecue. what this x-ray revealed. the danger that could hide in your backyard burger.
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good evening. and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega. tonight, the manhunt for that escaped prisoner, now more desperate than ever. an army of officers working around the clock, zeroing in on just 22 square miles, now trying to find the last man standing. david sweat, the convicted cop killer, still on the run after three weeks. his accomplice, richard matt, cornered and gunned down yesterday by border guards. right now, some 1,200 officers in the search. there they are, at roadblocks checking cars. their weapons drawn, their unrelenting focus, finding david sweat before he crosses the border or hurts someone else. we begin tonight with abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: one down and one to go. tonight, the manhunt for fugitive killer david sweat is heating up. police warning sweat may be armed. >> sweat is still out there. he's considered dangerous. >> reporter: residents here on edge. >> terrifying. i've never been so scared in all my life.
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i had my husband look up to see, make sure his gun was handy. >> reporter: this, after federal border agents shot and killed fellow escapee richard matt, in the woods near a cabin in malone, no about new york about 20 miles south of the canadian border and some 45 miles west of the prison where he and sweat escaped three weeks ago. police say the trail to matt started friday, here at this home, where carla gerber was awoken in the middle of the night. >> two light knocks and a very hard knock and it scared me. >> reporter: investigators finding fingerprints on the door and the handle. bob willet owned the cabin where police believe matt broke into hours later. several items inside, missing. >> binoculars and two pairs of boots. >> reporter: after calling police bob says his son heard gunshots. how many did he hear? >> four or five. >> reporter: officers say around that same time, a driver also called police, claiming his camper had been shot. that's when border agents moved in. investigators say matt who had
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a .20 gauge shotgun with him, refused verbal commands and was shot dead. some neighbors who have never even handled a gun before telling us tonight they are now going out and buying them for their protection. cecilia? >> abc's phillip mena leading us off tonight. phillip, thank you. and we turn now to that other top story. the historic ruling on same sex marriage. weddings in 13 states where suddenly couples can marry for the first time. in columbus, a rush to city hall for marriage licenses. in new york, celebrating the decision with children. and, now the resistance already building up. that story in a moment. but first, abc's mary bruce on the couples saying "i do." >> now, by the power vested in me -- >> reporter: today in georgia, same sex couples racing to the altar to do something that just a day ago was outlawed in the state. >> i'm speechless, honestly. and i'm so excited, i couldn't bleep last sleep last night. >> reporter: that excitement echoing across the country today. jubilation at this pride parade
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in cincinnati. a rainbow of equality lighting landmarks overnight, from minneapolis to new york city and the white house. in kentucky, tears of joy from 18-year-old kinsey morrison, excited her two moms can finally say "i do." >> we've always known that we're a family and felt like a family, but to finally have our national government and our country recognize that legally is just absolutely incredible. >> reporter: and after 20 years together and three children -- >> oh! >> reporter: in new york city this couple had everything ready for their wedding, but were waiting for their union to be legal nationwide. >> it does feel radically different. >> yeah. >> i mean, it's -- you know, i have a husband. and a family. and i can protect them anywhere in the country. >> reporter: today, they made it official. here at the stonewall inn, where the gay rights movement started with those riots 46 years ago, people have been streaming by all day to take pictures and begin writing a new chapter of history. and the celebrations will continue tomorrow with pride
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parades here and across the country. cecilia? >> a big weekend indeed. mary bruce, thank you. and same sex marriage now the law of the land, but that does not mean everyone is on board. from confusion to downright resistance, here now, abc's terry moran on the holdouts. >> we won! >> reporter: love wins, the hashtag says. and it sure looked like it across america. but there were losers in the landmark gay marriage decision. and tonight, they are stunned, saddened and some vowing resistance. >> it damages the family. it's an attack on the family. >> reporter: the most recent abc news poll shows 35% of americans oppose gay marriage. 61% support it. tonight, louisiana has blocked all same sex marriages and in mississippi, they've been completely halted after only three were performed. in texas and alabama, top officials are threatening to block same sex marriages, too. mississippi state attorney general jim hood declaring the supreme court's decision is not effective immediately in mississippi. other opponents are hinting darkly at full-on resistance to the ruling.
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former arkansas governor and gop presidential candidate mike huckabee -- >> the supreme court is not the supreme being nor are they the supreme branch of government. their ruling, as some would mistakenly say, is not the law of the land. >> reporter: and louisiana republican governor bobby jindal, he's also running for president, blasted the court as "out of control" and told an iowa audience "if we want to save some money, let's just get rid of the court." terry moran, abc news, washington. and we turn now to the weather. 50 million people around the country on alert. six states on tornado watches at this hour. thunderstorms and flash floods in the mid-atlantic. the forecast in a moment. but first, abc senior meteorologist rob marciano with the damage and the danger. >> reporter: tonight, millions from the dakotas all the way to the carolinas hit hard by heavy rain and damaging winds. huge trees uprooted in
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ft. wayne, indiana, crushing homes and cars there. at one point, over 30,000 without power. all followed with heavy rain today. up to four inches falling in just a few hours. enough water to cut off this resident. >> i'm trapped. this is the road to leave my apartment complex. >> reporter: the rains pushing east into arlington, virginia. street flooding there with strong storms around d.c. and look at this home in ohio. the entire side of the two-story house ripped off by high winds last night. the owners thankfully not home, but got the call from a neighbor. >> she heard a big loud crack and a huge like noise -- boom -- and she looked outz and she she saw this. >> rob is here now. the tornadoes already reported today. where are the storms headed next? >> reporter: we have big cities like baltimore, heavy rain again today. already their wettest june on record. a tornado watch out for richmond, just east of d.c. as these storms roll across the chesapeake. off to the west we go. another tornado watch, seven reports already of tornadoes across parts of north dakota. the storm that's moving across
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the east, it has some flooding rains with it. we'll time out the rain to show that most of it will be done by 10:00 tomorrow pushing up to upstate new york and parts of northern new england. to the west we go. excessive heat warnings there. temperatures up over 100 degrees. thunderstorms possible, as well. rare across the pacific northwest. >> it has just been brutal out there. rob, thank you. we turn now to south carolina, charleston today saying good-bye to more victims of that church shooting. here, long lines of mourners waiting outside emanuel ame for the funerals of three church members who died there. but tonight, the controversy over the confederate flag still flying outside the capitol heating up. one woman taking justice into her own hands. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> ma'am! ma'am, get off the pole. >> reporter: activist bree new newsome, 30 feet in the air, grabbing south carolina's confederate flag. >> this flag comes down today. >> reporter: on the way down, she lands in the arms of the law. >> i'm coming down, i'm prepared to be arrested. >> reporter: newsome and another activist were charged with defacing a monument.
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>> she would simply like to maintain her innocence on the charges. >> reporter: less than an hour after her arrest, these african-american state employees put the flag back where tonight, it still flies high. >> take it down! >> reporter: the debate still raging across the south. in columbia, south carolina, defenders and opponents of the flag faced off. in charleston yesterday, president obama saying, once again, bring it down. >> for too long, we were blind to the pain that the confederate flag stirred in too many of our citizens. >> reporter: at emanuel ame today, final good-byes for three more victims of the church massacre. cynthia hurd, a public librarian, 26-year-old tywanza sanders and his great aunt saw see jackson. as so many still reflects on the issue of grace, and that amazing moment of song. ♪ devin dwyer, abc news, washington. and overseas now, to deadly terror attacks in three countries, all within hours of each other.
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tonight, isis claiming responsibility for two of them. in france, friday's assault on an american-owned chemical plant, a man beheaded, the attacker now in custody. in kuwait a suicide bomber targeting a mosque during prayers, killing 24. and in tunisia, this man placing now flowers today, were more than three dozen people were killed in a hail of bullets. abc's bob woodruff now reporting in from the scene of that attack. >> reporter: tonight, new details on what happened on this beach, where a gunman opened fire on tourists in their beach chairs. the death toll at least 38, including at least 15 british citizens. the gunman seen here in this photo is abu yahya al qayrawani. witnesses told us today how he disguised himself as a tourist, hiding a rifle under an umbrella, fell to his knees and fired. allan pembroke, on the beach with his wife during the attack, rushed to help one woman who was shot in the hand and leg. >> she was crying, so, i just net down beside her and i tended
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to her wounds as best i could. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman laughed during the attack. after the killer opened fire and shot all these people on the beach, he sprinted down to escape, sprinting down this way and past this building. around the next corner, police shot him dead. cell phone photo capturing the moment. tourists now scrambling to leave the popular resort area. >> we're very happy to leave, because -- yeah, you don't feel that safe anymore. >> reporter: so, late this afternoon, families and friends came to this spot with one more thing. they brought flowers and notes to honor those innocent victims who lost their lives. cecilia? >> bob, thank you. and those attacks overseas sounding alarm bells here at home. the homeland security chief calling them a reminder of the threat of global terrorism. the department and the fbi now putting out a call for vigilance during the upcoming 4th of july holiday. though there is no specific plot identified. and tonight, yet another shark attack in north carolina.
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it happened in dare county in the outer banks. a teenager bitten and taken to the hospital. this is the sixth attack in that state in the last two weeks. and next to an alert of a different kind. credit cards. crooks stealing your money using high tech skimming devices. it is happening at gas stations restaurants and now mcdonald's. abc's ron claiborne an what you need to know to protect yourself. >> reporter: tonight, a warning from police about where you use your credit card. after a counter worker at this mcdonald's near atlanta was arrested for allegedly stealing card information from customers. >> he got the credit card or debit card in his hand and was running it through a skimmer in his pocket. >> reporter: that's a device that can read a credit card's magnetic strip and capture the information, which is used to run up fraudulent charges. watch as this fast food cashier in florida skims a customer's credit card. he was convicted in the case. this suspect near miami, still on the run, allegedly attaching a skimmer to atm machines. skimming devices can even be hidden inside gas station pumps.
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>> this is the reader that would be inside the gas pump. and so you would just swipe it through and it would read it right here. >> reporter: dan defilippi is a reformed credit card hacker who spent two years training federal agents how to combat what he used to do. >> some of the newer devices actually use a cell phone network to transmit. >> reporter: so, how can you protect yourself against this high tech thievery? >> if you're going to a fast food restaurant, whether it's in town or on the road when you're traveling, go inside to pay. it's in plain sight. you know no one is using a skimming device. >> reporter: and she says, monitor your credit card statements closely and often. if there are bogus charges, report them as soon as possible. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. and we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, the potentially deadly danger that may be lurking in your backyard grill. what you need to know before you fire up your next barbecue. and later in the broadcast, a girl's best friend. what this woman dug up in the hills of arkansas that might
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. and next tonight, a warning for anyone about to fire up the barbecue. a summer health hazard could be lurking on the grill, finding its way into your dinner. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: tonight, this texas man recovering from surgery after what should have been a simple backyard barbecue. >> i felt a really sharp pain, a stabbing pain. >> reporter: that pain, the result of thomas hatcher accidentally biting into a wire bristle that fell off a brush his wife used to clean their grill and ended up lodged in his cheeseburger. >> right here the barb that's in there. >> reporter: this x-ray showing the tiny bristle embedded in hatcher's tongue. he's not the only one. the centers for disease control has warned about the dangers of wayward bristles from grill brushes.
6:47 pm
just last month, cheryl harrison ended up in emergency surgery after a fine bristle ended up in her burger. look at the bristle on this x-ray, stuck in her intestine. >> could have been definitely life-threatening. >> reporter: experts say before using your brush, take a close look for any loose bristles. and once you've used it to clean your grill, inspect it carefully for any stray wires. harrison will be using bristle-free brushes from now on and hoping others will digest her warning before biting into their burgers. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. still ahead on "world news tonight," so, you didn't get an invitation to the royal wedding, well you can have a bite of their cake if you're willing to try a 34-year-old slice. a piece of charles and di on the auction block tonight. .and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in.
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and straight now to the index. and a smash hit at the box office. after its biggest decline in nine years, hollywood now hitting an all-time high, $5.3 billion in american ticket sales, helping to pack those theater seats.
6:52 pm
you may have seen some of the blockbusters like "american sniper" and big name sequels like "furious 7" and not to mention that record-breaking debut, "jurassic world." so far, bringing in over $2 billion. and next to a jackpot of a find in arkansas. she thought it was a crystal at first. no, that is an actual diamond, 8.5 carats. bobbi oscarson digging for just 20 minutes in crater of diamonds state park. she found the rock in a small mound of dirt. talk about striking it rich. it's one of the largest diamonds ever discovered there and could be worth up to $1.5 million. bobbi says she plans to keep that rock. and it's apparently not just diamonds that are forever. on the auction block tonight? several pieces of wedding cake from famous royal weddings, even charles and diana. they could fetch up to 600 bucks each. 34-year-old cake? yeah, not so edible. and when we come back, the high school janitor, the class valedictorian, and their bond that goes far beyond the school hallways.
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and finally tonight, a star high school student getting her diploma today, and there was one person cheering her on in the crowd. someone who has been cheering
6:57 pm
her on since day one from inside the very halls of her high school. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: it's the season for this kind of hug. a high school graduate and her proud dad, who just moments earlier, inside here at wilson magnet high school in rochester, new york, had been giving the valedictorian speech, where as many in her position do, thank her parents, who had journeyed far for this day to happen. >> my parents, jamal and zubeda, made their way -- made their way to rochester, new york from ethiopia in the '80s and '90s. >> reporter: what they didn't say, because everyone here knows, is who he dad is. the head janitor in the school, who escaped life as a teenage soldier in ethiopia in the 1980s, and came to the u.s., unable to read or write. until he taught himself. and then, starting a family. she was up there today and is the oldest of his four kids and she made clear what an inspiration her dad and her mom have done.
6:58 pm
>> they had the audacity to imagine something better for me and my siblings. >> reporter: she got superior grades and is going to barnard college, planning to be a doctor. but she's not the first college grad in her family. her dad, even while working here, earned a bachelor's degree just a few years ago. so, they have this in common. knowing what it feels like to graduate. because some your needs happen over generations. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> congratulations to her and the entire class of 2015. thank you for watching tonight. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we will see you right back here tomorrow. i'm cecilia vega in new york. thanks for spending your saturday with us. good night.
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